CHS Sun Basin
Greg Robertson: Interim General Manager  (509) 840-1968
Greg has worked in the cooperative system for 42 years at CHS Inc and General Manager for Bleyhl Farm Service.  
Jackie Wilmot: Controller
Jackie has been with CHS since 1975. She is married to Kent; together they have a daughter, a son, and two grandsons.
(509) 787-3511
Terry Pyle: Credit Manager
Terry worked at CHS from 2000 through 2007 as a Country Loan Officer. He returned as Credit Manager for Sun Basin in 2011. He has been active in agricultural credit and lending in the Columbia Basin for over 20 years. Terry has a BA in Ag Economics from Brigham Young University and MBA from Pacific Lutheran University. He and his wife Susan have six kids, 2 boys and 4 girls.
(509) 760-0015 
Huc Dilling: Agronomy Division Manager
Huc has worked for CHS since 2000. He started as General Manager of the Wheeler location and moved on to the General Manager position of Sun Basin in 2007. He has been the Agronomy Division Manager since Sun Basin was restructured in 2009. In the spring of 2012, Huc moved back to fill the position of Wheeler Branch Manager as well. He earned a bachelor's of Science in Agronomy from WSU. He is also a member of the BBCC Ag Advisory Board, the Columbia Basin Foundation Board and the league president for the Wenatchee Valley Summer Swim League. Huc is married to Laurie, they have one son and three daughters
(509) 760-7007
Dale Michelsen: Energy Division Manager 
Dale started with CHS Sun Basin in October of 2008. He as an AA in Mechanical Engineering and 35 plus years in the petroleum industry. Dale is has one daughter and two sons.
(509) 760-5436
Rodney Rosin: Safety Coordinator

Rodney has worked for CHS since November 2015. He is got his safety coordinator certification from Sedgwick. He is certified to be a CPR instructor, forklift/man lift instructor and skid steer instructor. Rodney is married to Jennifer Rosin.  

(509) 361-3173
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